Project Background

With nearly 30 million visitors in 2015, 5.9 million of them being Europeans, the tourism industry in Thailand is at its zenith. Working in the tourism industry, the client knew that, in Thailand, there was no direct way to exchange foreign currency except at Foreign exchange Departments.

The client wanted to digitize the conversion process to allow people a hassle-free stay in Thailand, tourists and businessmen alike.

Client Objective

To save tourists the trouble to stand in the long Forex queues, the client wanted to create an e-wallet android application, which enabled its end-users to load their wallet with Euros and successfully convert them to Thailand Baht at then-exchange rates. In exchange for a small fee, the client further wanted to allow the user to access the converted amount by card-less withdrawal from a select number of ATM branches in Thailand.

While looking for a partner who could work hand-in-hand with client’s team and oversee a smooth app development process, the client chose SunTec to realize its goal.

Central Crafts

Project Goals

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Minimalistic Design Interface
  • Native App Development

Project Challenges

  • Secure User Authentication – Maintaining proper security standards for secure user SMS based authentication.
  • Data Encryption – Since the app involved storing sensitive individual bank details, data encryption was of utmost importance.
Central Crafts

Solutions Offered by SunTec

  • Through a series of app development sprints, we completed the project within the client decided timeframe.
  • Carried out a minimalistic design interface for faster and easier navigation throughout the android app.
  • Installed a sophisticated wallet management system in the application for convenient cash deposition and withdrawal.
  • Implemented strict encryption standards to safeguard the bank transaction process.
  • Created a user-friendly interface so that the users can track their budget by checking the transaction history.

Key Features

L.Vey allows the user to add money at no charge, exchange it at a minimal charge, and revert back the un-used money to the bank at no charge.

Technology Used

Android Java for for Android App Development
Stripe Integration as Payment Gateway
RingCaptcha for secure SMS verification.


L.Vey aptly served the client’s requirements of creating an e-wallet based android application offering best currency exchange rates. It looks forward to incorporate additional features (shopping platforms, etc.) and simplify monetary issues for tourists visiting Thailand.


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