TechnoScore Launches 'Lagori'

A gaming app based on the traditional Indian game of targeting a pile of seven stones.

10 June 2013

TechnoScore, a leading developer and publisher of mobile games globally, has launched ‘Lagori’.

‘Lagori’ takes its inspiration from a popular Indian game of targeting a pile of seven stones with a ball. However, to make the gaming app more electrifying, fast paced and action-packed, the game has been designed and developed slightly different compared to the traditional game, in the manner it is played. In the mobile version, the gamers will hit the stack of seven stones using a slingshot. Once the seven stones fall, the gamer has to shoot all the opponents in order to prevent them from piling up the seven stones. The mobile game will be available on Google play, iTunes and other online gaming app stores.

The multi platform gaming app has been designed employing J2ME, Cocoa Studio Android, Objective C and Cocoa Studio for iOS. The game comes equipped with multiple levels of complex progression, adjustable audio settings and engaging top-notch visuals.

Commenting on the launch of ‘Lagori’, Mr. Murli Pawar, VP – Technology said, “filled with action and thrill, ‘Lagori’ will set a new standard for graphics and exciting gameplay on mobile devices”. “Based on an Indian theme,” he further added, “’Lagori’ has been a major effort for us and will help TechnoScore establish as a leading player in multi-platform games development”.

For information on downloading ‘Lagori’, please visit the Google Play, the Android Apps Market or iTunes page of ‘Lagori’, or contact us at