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Please have a look at some of the most freuently asked questions about our Dedicated Engagement Model

You may refer to the answers of these questions to find your way around Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT) Or Full Time Employee (FTE) arrangement:

What kind of professionals I can hire through your Hire a Dedicated Team model?

Through our Hire a Dedicated Team model you can hire and collaborate with experts in the following areas:

Programmer /Developer / Coder with proven capabilities in Microsoft.net / ASP/ MS-SQL, PHP/MYSQL, AJAX, Web 2.0, Flash Animation/Action Scripting, Opensource, etc.

PHP Programmer with in-depth understanding of PHP 4.X, PHP 5.X, PHP Template, MVC Architecture

Web/ Graphic/ Flash Designers with proficiency in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Corel Draw, DreamWeaver, HTML/ DHTML, CSS

iPhone Developer with expertise in Mac OS, COCOA and Objective C languages and adeptness in iPhone SDK

How do I get started with Technoscore Full Time Employee (FTE) arrangement for my project?

Technoscore makes it simple. Here are 4 easy steps to help you jump start your virtual partnership with your Offshore Dedicated Team:

Specify your Project Requirements: Get in touch with us concerning your requirements and the kind of professional you would like to hire through our Hire a Dedicated Team model ranging from a Web Developer to an Open Source Customization Specialist, or allow us to help you suggest the exact profile in sync with your business needs.

Choose your ODT Hiring Model: We offer you the ease of choosing either our full-time dedicated hiring model, where your dedicated team puts in a minimum of 160 hours per month or you can hire our web professionals on a part-time basis where they work for a minimum of 80 hours in a month, depending on the nature and resource allocation requirements of your project. However in both the cases, you remain in charge of your project.

Profile sharing and Interview of resources: We share the profiles of our highly trained developers and designers best suitable for your project needs, helping you develop insight into their experience and expertise. We also facilitate you with a telephonic interview with the project manager and the team assigned for your job so that you are fully assured of their capabilities.

Project Commencement & Management: Once you have hired your Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT), you can initiate sending the work. We put you in direct contact with the Project manager supervising your assignment. He/she keeps a check on the progress of your project, gives you daily updates and takes your inputs so as to eliminate / minimize the scope of errors. This ensures that you enjoy complete accessibility with your dedicated team to optimally control and manage the development of your project.

What does your full-time dedicated hiring model entail?

In full-time dedicated hiring model, your offshore team is dedicated to you and works exclusively on your projects against a fixed monthly payment.

The programmers you hire work 8 hours a day x 5 days a week.

An absolute 40 productive hours per week.

A minimum of 160 hours or more of production per month from each individual.

Your Offshore Dedicated Team will work from 10:00 AM to 7: PM IST (GMT+ 5:30) at our Development Center, New Delhi, India

How does your part time hiring model differ from your full-time dedicated model?

Our Part-time hiring model or bi-monthly model is much alike our full-time hiring, with only major difference being the number of work hours concentrated to half. In this model your programmer contributes a minimum of 80 hours in a month. However, the absolute control and management of your project rests with you, with a Project Manager assisting you supervise your assignment.

What Payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments through PayPal, Wire Transfer and Credit Card. Our business representative / project manager will give you detailed information on each of these methods.

How do I track the progress of my Project?

At the end of each working day, the Project Manager supervising your project or programmer working on your project will send you a detailed report updating you on the progress of your project. We maintain easy accessibility and an open line of communication through VOIP, Email, or any other preferred mode of communication by you. Our quality control team keeps a check and closely monitors the work flow to enable you to get superior results all throughout.

How do you assure the integrity and quality of your ‘Hire a Dedicated Team’?

All our programmers, developers and designers working as part of our Offshore Dedicated Team are full time employees of Technoscore Corporate Solutions. We meticulously scrutinize the personal details, educational qualification, domain expertise and relevant experience of all our employees before hiring. We also conduct regular training and workshops to keep our employees updated on the latest IT developments.

How do I stay connected with my Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT)?

We facilitate you with easy accessibility. You can readily stay in touch with your Dedicated Team (ODT) through Email, Phone, Instant Messengers (Google Talk, MSN, Skype, AOL and Yahoo), etc. or any other mode of your preference.

Will Technoscore be responsible for the professionals I hire from you?

The dedicated team that you hire through us comprises our full time employees and is legally bound by the Technoscore's policies concerning work ethics, leave, security and Intellectual Property, etc. ensuring smooth workflow at your end. We take the complete responsibility of all our professionals.

Do you sign a confidentiality agreement/non-disclosure agreement?

Yes, we do. We maintain utmost confidentiality with the proprietary information or business plans, ideas or strategies that you share with us during the course of your work.

How do I benefit hiring a dedicated team from Technoscore?

Through our dedicated hiring model, Technoscore helps you concentrate resources on your core business. When you hire a dedicated team through Technoscore, you not only exploit the full benefits of our trained and competent programmers, web designers and mobile developers, but also our advanced infrastructure and technologies to gain instantaneous and comprehensive benefits. Key benefits of our Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT) Or Full Time Employee (FTE) arrangement are as follows:

Steer clear of the costs and recruitment challenges involved in hiring and developing a dedicated project team

Completely do away with significant establishment and operational costs

Save up to 60% of your project cost, ensuring higher profitability

Leverage our flexible billing models comprising full-time dedicated hiring and part time hiring model, tailored to meet your specific project requirements

Assured productive hours per month at fixed monthly cost with absolutely no overheads or any hidden charges

Freedom to expand or trim your Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT) at a brief notice

Free rein in moving or allocating the members of your Offshore Dedicated Team to another project module or unit depending on the evolving needs of your enterprise.

For more details concerning our Full Time Employee (FTE) arrangement or to discuss how our Hire a Dedicated Team model can benefit your business, call TechnoScore now on 91-9910049298, or email at info@technoscore.com