January 29, 2018

Get on Top of the Sales Ladder with WooCommerce Website Design


When a buying prospect visits your website, merely a few seconds decide whether the visitor will purchase from you or not. To ensure that the buying decision is in your favour, every relevant call-to-action should be present right in front of your buyer’s eyes. There should be no need of taking extra efforts in looking for them

Choosing WooCommerce, a WordPress plug-in for developing your eCommerce site is a good option. It is not only easy on your pocket but provides features like detailed order tracking and customer engagement tools. It helps you create a professional look for your website.

While designing your website, you might come across several complexities that can be easily taken care of by a WooCommerce website design company. Specialists not only aid you in WooCommerce theme development but design your website keeping buyer’s convenience in central focus.

While developing your eCommerce website, the following points can help in creating a BIG DIFFERENCE in securing sales-

  • Visible Search box- When buyers visit your website they have a strong buying intent for a particular product/product category. They do not have time to scrounge all your categories or look the entire page for finding ‘Search box’. It should be prominently placed on your website in order to ease the buyer’s search.
  • Saved Shopping cart- Buyers might like a certain product on your website and consider it for buying. However, they might leave your website without making the purchase due to disruption from several factors. When the product(s) get saved in shopping cart, they wouldn’t think much before clicking the ‘Buy now’ button when they visit the site later. WooCommerce website design should include ample provision for visitors to save products.
  • Relevant FAQs- In most cases, you are able to incur an online sale if you manage to win the trust of prospective buyers. Frequently Asked Questions can play a great role in driving away buyer’s apprehensions related to product quality, free shipping, refund and return, etc. Be detailed while answering questions so as to convince buyers with all the required details.
  • Related products- By showing products that are closely related to the ones the buyer is looking for, you offer the customer a personalised experience. Looking at a variety of options takes the customer deep in your site. In this quest for looking, they might make their mind for buying products that they had not thought of buying earlier.
  • Free shipping- Offering free shipping to your buyers gives you a competitive edge over your rivals. A good number of customers prefer products that have free shipping over the ones that ask for additional shipping charges.

Instead of simply planning for WooCommerce theme development, you can boost your sales figures in the designing process by paying special emphasis on certain factors.

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