January 24, 2015

A Sneak Peek into 10 Exciting Features of Magento 2


While Magento 2 is on a fast-track to be released in March this year, we take a look at its key updates and some of the most exciting features that sets it apart.

A glance at the top 10 features of Magento 2:


Magento 2 will be powered by PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework to ensure efficient management of database access layer, cache engine and translations. It will also support MSSQL, Oracle and several other databases.

jQuery Library

Magento 2 will use jQuery as the default JavaScript library, thus completely eliminating Prototype and jQuery conflicts.


In the upgraded version of Magento, speed will reportedly be 20% faster than Magento 1.x versions, thus enhancing the performance of websites built on this platform.


Magento 2 comes with a component-oriented architecture of modules. While modules like customer, CMS, sales, checkout, catalog, etc., will exist as components, the soon-to-be-released version will allow developers to define their own set of modules without hacking the code base.

New Structure

To provide a clearer and better structure for views, Magento 2 will come with a new file structure. Also, there is no base theme in this version and all the base views are in the module structure. This will lessen the issues to develop custom Magento themes.


The latest Magento version allows developers to setup automated test without any trouble. It comes with a flawless testing framework for Performance Tests, Static Tests, Integration Tests, Unit Tests, Legacy and Migration Tests, and JavaScript Unit Tests.

Better Security

Magento 2 supports server validation, thus assuring improved security.

Improved Customization

Visual Design Editor will enable store owners to easily edit Magento layout and modify containers and blocks with a drag and drop interface.

Easier Frontend Development

In Magento 2, frontend development is easier with less CSS preprocessor and new HTML5 themes. It allows the developer to change the look and feel of the website without altering site functionality.

Improved Performance and Scalability

Performance improvements include the new Magento performance toolkit, integration with Varnish Cache and improved indexers. Also, scalability improvements include support for multiple admin users and full page caching. It features

  • Better menus and admin panel navigation
  • Creation of scores of products easily and quickly
  • Easy tax rules/rates management process
  • Enhanced intuitiveness of the admin panel

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