TechnoScore Leverages LightSwitch and OData to Build Data-Centric Application - Ace AVETMISS

15 Jan, 2015
TechnoScore Leverages LightSwitch and OData to Build Data-Centric Application

TechnoScore, the dedicated web application development wing of SunTec India, is pleased to inform the launch of Ace AVETMISS, a student management solution for its client based in Australia.

Ace AVETMISS is a web-based tool for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), aimed at helping them key-in Vocational Education and Training information about students and create data files that are compliant with AVETMISS Release 7.0 for the National VET Provider Collection.

“Our experts built Ace AVETMISS using leading-edge technologies such as LightSwitch and OData to help RTOs generate correctly formatted AVETMISS files and manage student data,” said Murli Pawar, Vice President, Technology Division.

Ace AVETMISS comes equipped with powerful functionalities, and is responsive. Using Ace AVETMISS CONNECT, RTOs can connect and complement their in-house system, instead of replacing it, taking advantage of its On-Cloud feature. Ace AVETMISS is also USI ready (Unique Student Identifier), which has become mandatory from 1 January 2015.

At its core, Ace AVETMISS eases out the task to enter and manage comprehensive information about students and their enrolments. Student’s details may include who they are, where they study, what they study and the outcome.

A specialized team of developers was deployed to build the application by leveraging the best-in-class technologies such as LightSwitch and OData, thus making it powerful, fast and cross-platform compatible.

Features of Ace AVETMISS:

  • Web-based tool that ensures compliance with AVETMISS standards
  • Validates data while it is being keyed-in
  • Exports files using the business rules of AVETMISS
  • Compatible with all devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Helps in easily populating fields with suggestions and auto-fill
  • Comes with a free trial period of 15 days

LightSwitch and OData: Technologies used in Building Ace AVETMISS

LightSwitch is an application developer that makes it easy to build data-centric applications that are responsive and thus can be accessed on a variety of devices. Based on Silverlight and .NET application framework, LightSwitch comes with in-built features like search, the ability to export data files and the ability to rearrange and sort the fields. It also enables one to create relationships between entities from multiple data sources and efficiently manage navigation between them as well as save changes.

While LightSwitch helps in building HTML5-based data-centric apps, OData (Open Data Protocol) makes it easy to exchange data between systems, web browsers, as well as provide an easy access into their data stores.

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