Flash Flip Book Conversion Services

With the rapidly changing standards of global competence and quality, digital advances are altering the way we watch, listen, communicate and read.

To augment consumers′ digital reading experience, now eBooks are supported with flip page effect, facilitating a near “real” reading experience. Readers can turn their eBook pages with a flipping sound and visual effect to enhance the whole feeling.

TechnoScore has acquired great experience in several conversion technologies; enabling clients convert their titles efficiently and profitably. Taking our conversion services a step ahead, our programmers have developed unique flip book maker that can easily transform any document format into an appealing and interactive flash flip book.

Our page flip software can convert your PDF files into flash flip books. It also works on PDF or JPG images, allowing you to have your very own digital photo book, three-dimensional flipping book other than wedding/birthday/baby albums.

Creating / Converting Flash Flip Book Pages:

You can send us input files in any format including JPEG, PNG or GIF for images and SWF files for book contents. Through our page flip software, we will create an animation-like sensation of your book pages, allowing you flip through them really fast.

You can have customized layout and additional features, such as animation, buttons, interactive pages etc. These digital documents are compatible with all operating systems, and can be accessed via any browser.

Zoom Control – Features available in zoom-in mode are as follows:

  • Navigation window
  • Preview Buttons
  • Scroll Bars
  • Scroll up/down with mouse wheel
  • Scroll right/left with mouse wheel and shift

Flipping Book Creation: Application Areas

TechnoScore is a leading-edge provider of digital publishing services to help clients market and distribute print materials via easy-to-read page flip editions, including magazine publishers that want to create page flip editions.

We optimize print magazines, catalogs and other collaterals into page flip book versions.

  • eBooks
  • Online newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • eLearning products
  • Photo albums
  • Story books
  • Catalogs etc.

Converting Books To Flip Books in 3 STEP EASY STEPS

You send us the input files in PDF, Word, INDD or JPF format
We analyze your documents, create a no-obligation free sample and send it back for approval
You check the received material. When satisfied, you choose to go for complete flip book creation service

Trust TechnoScore for Flip Book Creation Services:

  • Regular Communication: For every project, a project officer is put in charge to handle the complete project execution and interaction with the client.
  • Timeframe: We firmly believe in abiding by the project timeline. All projects are delivered in keeping with the previously agreed & estimated turnaround time frame.
  • Layout Options: You can have completely customized flip books, integrating your existing design/style.

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