TechnoScore: Business intelligence services to shape your decisions

Business intelligence solutions require collecting, processing and analyzing large amount of data so that informed decisions can be made thereby enhancing the profitability of companies.

We use proven and perfected tools, architecture and methodologies to transform raw, unstructured or structured data into meaningful and useful business insights enabling you to make the right decisions and chase the right goals.

We provide and deliver fast, accurate and economical data aggregation, analytics and business intelligence solutions that help you understand your company's data clearly and easily.

Business Intelligence Companies

Business intelligence services companies facilitate

  • Actionable Information at the Right Time and in the Right Form

    Taking into account the organizational and institutional framework of your venture, we provide decision support for specific objectives at the right time, at the right location and in the right form.

  • Time-based Predictive and Prescriptive Intelligence

    Our business intelligence experts will analyze your data using predictive modeling to predict future performance and prospects, forecast the outcomes and help you decide on the best way forward.

  • Keen Interactive, Business-led Insights on Simple-to-navigate Dashboard

    Forward-looking, dynamic real-time reporting is delivered in multiple, interactive formats with simple-to-navigate analytics dashboard and precise visualization techniques.

  • Reliable Business Strategy and Enterprise Metrics

    Our BI specialists will work closely with you to accurately aggregate and deliver the right information on production, billable hours, sales goals and other aspects of your business and develop an effective enterprise metrics framework.

Why Choose TechnoScore as Your Business Intelligence Solution providers?

  • Our Team of Business Intelligence consultants and developers Understand Data and Business

    We bring with us an immense understanding of sector-specific business values having served eCommerce businesses large and small for over many years. We have been working with large volumes of data for a various of companies over the years and consider the newer trends of analytics and big data as evolutionary in terms of providing actionable and more forward-looking business insights. As modern technology leads to an explosion of data, information is becoming more and more a competitive tool to drive and sustain growth and we have all the necessary tools and expertise to practically derive the most value from big data and analytics. We can help you understand how best to move your business forward toward sustained success.
  • A Collaborative, Seasoned Workforce of business intelligence developers and consultants

    We work as a close-knit unit with your team, providing the best of collaborative support and garnering the best of results. Our team will help you define achievable goals and assist you on their pursuit. We take immense precaution in dealing with your data and time; confidentiality and timely delivery are values we consistently uphold. Implemented as a peer to your ERP programme, our team will help you make confident calls on what's right for your business-drawing from fact-based, in-depth analyses of your data and our expertise in all things eCommerce.

Together you and our Business Intelligence and solution providers will define an effective end-to-end data and analytics strategy for your business